Anti-shatter camber bands in BJ “Archangel – M” C2 (full set)


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The anti-shatter bags of the C2 camberband were developed as a result of many years of work, a scientific approach and dozens of shootings.

The plates received a certificate of compliance with GOST 34286-2017 in NP RNIISC “Rzhevka” in class Br1 and C2. The choice of the desired class is made when ordering.

The only qualified state testing center of its kind with more than a century of history NP RNIISC or simply — “Rzhevka”. The level of military acceptance of products. The best world-class specialists with the most modern test methods. Scrupulousness, impartiality and integrity in every action.

The most “stressful” testing conditions. Immersion and soaking in water. Prolonged heating to +40 degrees Celsius. Prolonged freezing at -40 degrees Celsius. Throws from a height. Radiographic control. Monitoring of the afterburning effect with each hit. Bullet velocity control with manual powder filling into the cartridge is a check at the very top of the permissible velocity values according to the text of GOST 34286-2017.

A 17-page test report is attached to each certificate. The most important thing about Rzhevka is that it is the only state certification center that is accredited by ROSSTANDART for all test methods for bullet resistance and anti—shatter resistance, as well as for protective effects for armored panels and helmets!


WARRANTY: All FILLIN products are covered by a lifetime warranty. Detailed conditions about it are on our website.

Our company NPP FILLIN reserves the right to make changes to the design and materials of the product aimed at improving properties and characteristics without prior notice to the client. Advantages of the shatterproof package:

– High level of protection: special materials used in production effectively detain fragments, preventing their penetration.

– Lightness and flexibility: thanks to modern technology, products are becoming more lightweight and flexible, which ensures wearing comfort.

– Versatility of application: the anti-shatter bag can be used in various models of body armor, as well as in additional modules.

– Durability: high-quality materials and thoughtful design ensure a long service life of the product.


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