Body armor Archangel-Assault with plates Br 5 + P4

The modular body armor “Archangel” was developed on the basis of a new FILLIN system called “VENDETTA”. Made to order. The production period may be extended due to the production load.

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Made to order. The production period may be extended due to the production load. Check the production time with the manager.

Modular body armor “Archangel”

1) body armor case “Archangel”;
2) neck protection case;
3) shoulder protection case;
4) groin protection case;
5) chest/back cap set;
6) a set of side enlarged caps;
7) a set of shoulder caps;
8) score. packages certified in “Archangel”;
9) score. packages certified in a neck protection case;
10) score. packages certified in a shoulder protection case;
11) score. package certified in a groin protection case;
12) Br5 thoracic/dorsal plate – 2 pcs.;
13) Br4 side plate – 2 pcs.

Modular bulletproof vest “Archangel” is a full–fledged armor system, in which much attention is paid to the area of anti-shatter protection. The front and back sections are larger than the dimensions of a classic plate – this allows you to protect a much larger area of the human body, including the lateral projection. The compartments have a place for installing soft ballistic shields with protection according to Br1/C2 classes. Access to them is not hindered by the installed armor plates.

The bulletproof vest uses a new system of the NPP “FILLIN” company called “VANT”. This system allows you to equip the case with an armored plate of any size and class of protection due to an innovative suspension system for attaching armored plates. The thoracic and dorsal plates are in separate sections of the vest in a “suspended” state, while they are interconnected by means of shoulder straps into a single whole. Thanks to this solution, it was possible to achieve maximum comfort due to the adaptive configuration of the system on the user’s body.

Instead of the usual classic MOLLE cells, the bulletproof vest is equipped with a new technology from NPP FILLIN called “MOLLE-Perforation”. We managed to increase the comfort of operation, reduce weight and achieve maximum reliability of the product, even in the harshest conditions due to the unique shape of the cell and the use of new material reinforcement technologies. The shape of the cell allows you to place pouches without unnecessary difficulties, and lamination and reinforcement technologies prevent stretching of the material.

Thanks to the new ROC (Rapid Opening Connector) quick Release buckles from the company 2M Italy, a system for quickly removing and putting on a bulletproof vest “Archangel” has been implemented.

At the moment, the vest has been “run-in” in the units of ROSN UFSB and Rosgvardiya, as well as in the special purpose units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. The bulletproof vest is intensively used in the course of conducting ITS own.

Standard size 1 – clothing size from 44 to 48 inclusive
Size 2 – clothing size from 50 to 54 inclusive (The most universal)
Size 3 – clothing size from 56 to 60 inclusive

The Archangel bulletproof vests of the first, second and third sizes have the same number of cells for attaching equipment on the front and back panels. With the change in size, only the area of the anti-shatter protection changes.

– Light weight: 1.2 kg
– IR remission
– Compatible with plates of any shape and size
– Reliable and wide evacuation loop on the back panel
– Increased area of compartments for anti-shatter bags
– System for quick removal and putting on, quick reset in emergency situations
– Roomy chest administrative pocket with zipper closure
– Reinforced seams
– Places to install the CAP

Multicam / EMR (Army Pixel) / Atax (Moss) / Olive / Coyote / Black

Our company NPP “FILLIN” reserves the right to make changes to the design and materials of the product aimed at improving the properties and characteristics, without prior notice to the client.

Additional information

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 35 cm
  • Black
  • Coyote
  • EMP
  • Mox
  • Multicam
  • Olive
Размер бронежилета
  • 1 (46-48)
  • 2 (50-54)
  • 3 (54)


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