The medical exhaust pouch


The medical exhaust pouch is designed to place medical supplies inside it for emergency or emergency care in case of shrapnel or bullet wounds.

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Structurally, the product consists of an oblong tube with an inner liner, which can be pulled out in both directions using side grips. Additionally, each side of the tube has a shock cord elastic band, which securely fixes the liner and prevents it from getting dirty during combat operations.

The insert is an envelope with three tails. The volume of the envelope allows you to place inside yourself strictly the most necessary for stabilizing the condition of the wounded and his subsequent evacuation (according to the M.A.R.C.H protocol). Inside the envelope there is a compartment for flat objects (for example, for occlusive patches), as well as a number of elastic organizers for placing small objects (marker, an anesthetic tube.

On the outside of the pouch there is a special panel made using MOLLE PRF technology, which allows you to attach an additional turnstile to the outside of the pouch.

This pouch is attached to a Velcro panel and can be placed in an often unused area of the body armor, for example, between the shoulder pad and the chest plate. Or, for example, on the back of a bulletproof vest, under the back plate.

We do not recommend using this pouch as the main and only one for storing medical supplies of the classic first echelon (according to the IFAK standard). Its dimensions do not allow comfortable placement of such large elements as atraumatic scissors, thermal blanket and other bulky objects.

The key idea of the pouch. dictated by the realities of the military and the experience of the fighters — the placement of an additional set of means to stop bleeding and stabilize the condition of the wounded in the access area of both hands. The pouch should complement the main set of medical supplies of the first and second echelon, be the so-called “zero”, “super-difficult”. If this pouch is used as the main and only one, then some of the funds from the IFAK list must be placed on the outside of the tube or consciously discarded in violation of all regulations.

This pouch is based on the development of FERRO CONCEPTS with a number of improvements — the dimensions have been changed, the generally accepted medical designation has been added — a cross (with the possibility of replacing the designator insert with any color or IR mark), a small Velcro panel for mounting individual patches, as well as the MOLLE PRF interface for attaching external pouches under a harness or for securing the turnstile with shock cords. The interface is duplicated on both sides.

Multicam / EMR (Army Pixel) / Atax (Moss) / Olive / Coyote / Black

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