Universal bag for MON-50


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A compact bag has great potential.

The product was developed on the basis of standard-issue bags for the MON-50 mines, as well as based on a modern reinterpretation of the standard-issue bags in the US Army designed for the CLAYMORE M18 mines.

First of all, this is a bag for specialist engineers who are constantly working with MON-50 mines. The dimensions of the bag in width are dictated by the dimensions of two MON-50 mines. The mines themselves fit into two independent pockets, along the top of which there is an elastic tourniquet. This harness makes the landing of the mine and additional accessories more dense. Both compartments under the MON are closed with a single valve. The main fixing element is a button on a sliding leg of the “Canadian” type. A shock cord elastic band is provided for quick closing. Inside each compartment under the MON there are additional pockets for storing accessories. There is a panel on the valve itself for attaching identification patches.

The main compartment, which is zippered, also has four flat pockets for storing special tools or other wearable items. At the same time, even if these pockets are filled, there remains a free space in the center between them. It is great for additional mines or auxiliary ammunition, ammunition, grenades. There is also a flat “secret pocket” inside, for example, for important documentation.

On the back of the bag there is a MOLLE interface for placing the bag, for example, on backpacks or on the back of a bulletproof vest. There are also a number of MOLLE slings on the sides and on the bottom of the bag to accommodate additional pouches or tourniquets. There are wide grommets for removing debris and water runoff.

This bag is not limited to its use as an engineering tool. It has proven itself to be a compact pouch bag for additional ammunition, special equipment and other small things that “have nowhere to put”. Quick access through the valve allows you to quickly extract the contents, for example, grenades can act as such contents. Due to the shoulder strap, the bag can be quickly transferred from fighter to fighter if necessary.

Sewn from Cordura material with a density of 500D

Multicam / EMR (Army Pixel) / Atax (Moss) / Olive / Coyote / Black

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